Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sick, sick, sick

I had my first ever cold-induced asthma attack the night before last! Happy fun time. Not being able to breathe is pretty freaky. Hasn't happened again since, which is good. I still have only one nostril at a time, but I have discovered that's way better than nothing.

Meanwhile, I feel like I haven't finished any knitting projects in ages, so I put the HP scarf on hold and have been using my sick-on-couch time to finish the grey wool scarf on my smallest ever size 4 needles. It took forever. However, I have finished! Now we need to see if it will block properly or not. I'm kind of afraid to try it out.

I did block my hot water bottle cover made out of spiffy Noro Big Kureyon, though... I now understand what the fuss is about Noro yarns. It is even more gorgeous as a finished project than it was in the store when I couldn't resist buying it. Incredible. Once it finishes drying I shall whip the sides together and fill it full of warm coziness. And you shall all be jealous.

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