Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It's like housekeeping, only online. I've taken down some of the linkage and whatnot in the sidebar, and added a Flying Spaghetti Monster banner (motivated by this story, because seriously, how awesome is that? hat tip to Ari) and a master map of all my tags. It's an enormous list, which meant that then I had to go back and re-sort things to remove a lot of the one-offs. I didn't start with a plan, I just kind of made them up as I went, and you could tell. All the onesies should be gone now except for Music and Theater, and I'm keeping those because I want more music and theater in my life. If I succeed in that, I'll have more posts under those categories.

(Oh and Creepie Crawlies is still there because I love it as a tag name. So, uh, yeah. Maybe I'll post about that salamander E and I found a while back. It belongs under CC for sure. )

Yes, I AM supposed to be writing a paper. Why do you ask?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Escape Opportunist

Loki got out this week - I apparently neglected to make sure the back door was completely latched. One assumes he had a merry old time, because ever since he has been INSUFFERABLE. He goes from door to door, meowing, and scratching at them all to make sure he can't pry them open. It might be funny if I weren't trying to work on my portfolio and feeling irritable.

This cat needs more space than I have in this tiny cottage. He is stir crazy, and he wants me to know it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Strange Dreams

I had a string of crazy dreams last night, from electric flying sheep with extension cords stashed in the stomach compartment (no one in town knew where they came from) to a toy you could use to chase your vacuum cleaner around (when scared enough it would change from moaning "noooo" to singing a placating little song "bread and honey butter time"). I also dreamed that E cut off his ponytail, without warning anyone, and got a buzz cut.

I don't know where my brain goes when I sleep, but it's a strange place.

In other news, I have an enormous zit at the end of my nose. At 34 years old, shouldn't I have outgrown that sort of thing by now?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Reflecting on the Day

I have to say, this is how I felt most days, in my old job.

I love Garfield Minus Garfield.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Breakfast Adventure

Proof, if I needed it, that the "bar fridge" I'm using is not as good as a regular refrigerator. I poured myself some cereal. I took out the milk, and looked at the date. September 7th, plenty of time. Not even necessary to smell it. I poured... and it came out gloppy. There was much frantic "ew ew ew"ing as I scurried to get the contents of the bowl (and the carton) into the trash.

This is not how one wants to start the morning, and proves quite a contrast to delectable eats of last weekend's Slow Food festival.

Now I'm making toast.