Thursday, September 11, 2008

Strange Dreams

I had a string of crazy dreams last night, from electric flying sheep with extension cords stashed in the stomach compartment (no one in town knew where they came from) to a toy you could use to chase your vacuum cleaner around (when scared enough it would change from moaning "noooo" to singing a placating little song "bread and honey butter time"). I also dreamed that E cut off his ponytail, without warning anyone, and got a buzz cut.

I don't know where my brain goes when I sleep, but it's a strange place.

In other news, I have an enormous zit at the end of my nose. At 34 years old, shouldn't I have outgrown that sort of thing by now?

1 comment:

M-D November said...

Huh. So androids may not dream of electric sheep, but Jessa does. =)