Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Breakfast Adventure

Proof, if I needed it, that the "bar fridge" I'm using is not as good as a regular refrigerator. I poured myself some cereal. I took out the milk, and looked at the date. September 7th, plenty of time. Not even necessary to smell it. I poured... and it came out gloppy. There was much frantic "ew ew ew"ing as I scurried to get the contents of the bowl (and the carton) into the trash.

This is not how one wants to start the morning, and proves quite a contrast to delectable eats of last weekend's Slow Food festival.

Now I'm making toast.


torque said...

Um. Ew.

Kristin said...

I second that. I also support the use of toast to get over the bad experience.