Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Whoops, quick lapse there on the blog front. I'm not dead. I haven't finished any knitting projects. I did go south to visit with the Bucket's family (which was nice), and otherwise I've been working and trying to plan out my next year (with variable success). Since I can't talk about any of it yet... it's not very interesting.

The cats are still cute, though.

Also, cleaning out one's email inbox can be dangerous - yesterday I came up on an email from 2002 talking about some game I was playing with the guy I was dating at the time (I started it, not him). During the afternoon, I kicked around the internet and found the site I used to go to for advice was still twitching. And last night I dug the thing out and installed it, and once I finished work at 11pm (don't ask), I started in. At 1am, I realized that I had a 9am meeting this morning and had to get my butt to bed. Oops. So today is going to be sleepy.

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