Sunday, September 16, 2007


Finally finally made some progress on the large mystery project. I've had a real block on it lately, and am far behind schedule already... I was so ready to love the organic color-grown cotton, but in fact I have seriously wanted to give up and go back to wool. It broke twice during the cast-on process - I've finally given up on having a lovely "perfect" line and on the third attempt focused in mitigating damage through careful trimming around a very tiny knot. I've heard that Mexican blanket weavers would sometimes deliberately leave mistakes in their work:

"When one watches these weavings being brought to life by use of this very ancient method, you fully understand and appreciate all the little "imperfections" that you find, because they are very much a part of it. They are not flaws--they are simply an integral part of the hand-made process. In fact, some cultures believe that only God is perfect, and in an expression of humility, leave flaws in the work."

I am taking some comfort from this.

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