Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I had a sudden realization, once I got my loads of homework turned in on Sunday evening, that I was leaving town for SXSW in 4 days. Am totally unprepared. Clothes are not clean, I haven't looked at the panel list yet, and I haven't asked my folks to feed my poor kitties, either.

In addition, I'm having the "in my old SXSW pictures I am skinny and cute and now I am old and fat" problem that I've been having for the last year or two. Working in an office in high stress situations with lots of readily available food were not good for me, yo.

But the feeling prompted me to get a haircut, because everyone looks better with a good haircut! And I'm happy with how it turned out. Not that I promise it will look like this in Austin, because one never knows about re-creating the stylist's look. She did allow for my low-maintenance style, though, which I appreciated (i.e. that's all blowdrying skillz, no product).

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Josh said...

I'm sure you still look lovely. Have fun in Austin -- I'll be thinking about the old gang getting together from here in Boston.