Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Abby: Purveyor of Fibery Goodness

Just wanted to mention how much I enjoy Abby's yarn site. Not only does she have tons of yarn pr0n on there, but all kinds of mini-tutorials on spinning.
(Because THAT'S a hobby I need to pick up. *ducks*)

But I have been finding myself surfing the 'net for pictures of yarn lately, which is a little strange. I've been in high productivity mode on the knitting front (there has been a lack of pictures, but I'm about halfway done with the HP scarf, and almost that far with my use-up-stash scarf, though the finishing work on my hot water bottle cover has languished, in part due to the warm weather), but I'm also trying to watch my budget. And given the size of my existing yarn stash... can't really justify a bunch of yarn purchases. It is unfortunate that my taste has changed since I started acquiring yarn, but I just have to deal. So new yarn purchases are not really in the cards. But oh, how I covet.

That said, I got some lovely lovely purple yarn in the mail from Abby today - I had made the purchase because she was having a sale, and I finished my taxes early, but there was a wee bit of trouble with an incorrect shipping address, so I'm getting delayed reaction gratification. She threw in a little something extra in the form of a skein of pale green sock yarn, which was awesome (and soft!). It's nice when your sig. other has close personal ties to your supplier.

It's also nice when your supplier is a creative person who you admire because she is doing something she really cares about, and doing it well. The only danger is to my wallet.

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