Friday, August 3, 2007

Final Friday

So, today is my last Friday as a full time employee of VMware. I have only 4 more days (including today) of immersion in all the frenzy that goes on there. Only four more days of having people tell me I'm crazy for making different choices than they would.

At the moment, that may be one of the best parts. It is really hard to make a difficult decision and then have 2-3 different people EVERY DAY not only question it, but try to persuade you that you are wrong. And they're doing that because they kind of like you... but can't fathom that your priorities can be so different than their own.

It's been pretty interesting, really. Because wow. It turns out my priorities ARE really different. Fortunately, I have the support of my boyfriend, my family, and my close friends. They understand where I am and why I am making these choices. Some of them have even made similar ones.

I have fun the full gamut of emotions on this event - I've been elated, petrified, sad, relieved, nostalgic. But it's really happening. Finally.

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