Monday, August 27, 2007

We Have Achieved Catness

Wow. So it's been a crazy week. Trying to get the floor, wall, and door to the cottage entryway complete so I could move in... was a bit of an ordeal. Things finally got finished up on Saturday, so we spent all day Sunday schlepping stuff out of the old place into the new.

Shockingly, things have fit better than I expected. I'm not saying it isn't cozy, but it will do quite nicely.

I spent the night here with my Bucket for the first time ever, and I was glad to have him with me for the first night. Though in the end, we were both so tired, maybe it wouldn't have felt as weird as I feared. This morning, I walked downtown for coffee to celebrate.

Then I double checked things for cat-safety, got Mom's help to hang the bedroom door, and then fetched over the cats. They've been exploring for about an hour and a half now. They don't light in any one place for long, but Loki did condescend to eat a bite of food, so I think things are going well. It's been highly entertaining watching them.

Now, if only I could find my cell phone, things would be great.

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