Monday, August 20, 2007

Moving Progress...

... is being made, slow though it may be.

The place I'm moving to required a lot more prep and catching up on past-due maintenance than I expected. We're still getting that finished up, which makes it hard to really pack up at my old place, since I don't know exactly when I'll be able to really move.

However, I have to be out here by the 31st, and all my large furniture went to the storage unit yesterday in Dad's truck. So I'm sitting on the floor, using a small plastic storage bin as a table for my laptop. It's now a bit extra far away from me, since Freya made it known that I had to provide her with a lap as well. Of course, I'm supposed to sit this far away from the machine anyway, so perhaps that's a good thing. (Actually, this position is pretty comfortable.)

The cats were pretty freaked when they came out to a living room pretty much devoid of furniture. Loki curled up in the corner where his favorite spot on the couch used to be, and looked at me meaningfully.

Soon, guys. Soon.

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