Friday, November 2, 2007

Good Excuse to Sit Still

I knew it must be that time of the cycle when it took 4 trips to the bedroom to return with my glasses, and I found myself completely livid at the cats for jumping around on the desk... like they do every single day.

But I was just trying to wash dishes, and I dropped 3 different items before deciding to quit before something gets broken. PMS sucks.

I probably shouldn't try knitting either, but you know I will. Wish me luck.


Jennie said...

Oh, how I am feeling you today.

Living with two very oblivious males may well spell the untimely death of someone ;-)

jessajune said...

Jennie! How nice to hear from you! Yes - I had to send E a warning email before I met him. "Do not cross the crazy lady today."