Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Letting it go

I lost my scarf. The one I knit to keep my hands busy during our recent crisis. The one that was not on my Christmas list and that I shouldn't have been working on. The one where I bought the yarn on a depression driven impulse.

I wore it out the night that I posted the photograph, but after Bucket took me hottubbing (my Bucket is awesome), I was too warm to keep it on my neck anymore. So I put it in my lap when we got into the car.

Later that night, I realized it was gone. Through deduction and retracing our steps, we realized that it must have fallen out of my lap onto the sidewalk when I got out of the car several minutes later. However, it was no longer there.

I've decided it is okay. I feel a little bad about the cost of the yarn, but only a little. I poured too much negative energy into that scarf for it to be something healthy for me to keep and wear. We figure that it's likely one of the resident homeless folks in that area picked it up... they need the warmth far more than I do, and it won't have any negative associations for them.

Sometimes it's good to let things go.

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