Wednesday, January 2, 2008


While I was sitting here at my desk, I swear, a bobcat walked by. I was kind of glancing out my window over the top of my laptop screen, and I thought, "hey, there's that neighbor cat again... he seems bigger than I remembered... and his tail is not as short as I thought... and omg, he is too big to be a housecat.

By then, he had passed the window, so I went to the front door, which is half glass, and there he was, standing on my doorstep, looking off towards the chicken coop. (Don't worry, that thing is STURDY. Dad builds stuff to last.) So I'm standing on one side of the door, and he's standing on the other, pretending that I do not exist. Seriously, not even an ear flicker. He pondered the birds for a moment, then sauntered off down the lawn towards the front.

My cats didn't bat an eyelash - I'm guessing they've seen him before. I rushed off to Wikipedia to confirm that he was indeed a bobcat. The pictures and description confirm it. He was about the size of a small dog (not a toy-sized one, obviously), not large but clearly not cat-sized either. He seemed to be in good health - well groomed, confident.

It was really exciting and made my day!

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