Wednesday, January 16, 2008

*stabs self*

So I was going to wipe my mother's computer, which is a virus-ridden piece of crap, so slow as to be almost unusable.

I can't get the files off it. Seriously. It refuses to recognize either of my memory sticks ("the location cannot be found"), crashes when trying to upload to internet sources, and I couldn't even get Ad Aware to run without hanging (98 infections found). I've been working on it off and on for days, and today have spent almost 3 hours pounding at it.

At this point, rather than divest more of my time and anguish into the thing, I think we should BUY A NEW ONE. This machine was a piece of crap to begin with - now it's an old, virus-infested, glacially moving piece of crap. With my parents pictures and TurboTax data on it.

Contemplating driving to Fry's right now.


M-D November said...

I know this is a predictable suggestion, but...

I think your mother needs a Mac.

canelure said...

Dork. Before buying a computer, you might consider calling (ahem. hint) the guy whose friend gives him a new computer about once a year, who might have a nice virus-free system he could give you, or lots of parts to replace the old ones.... (gr)

jessajune said...

Very late update - my brother-in-law (wow, he's my in-law now!) donated his older machine to Mom. It's nothing special but great for her needs and soooo much better. Also, I installed AdAware right away, and occasionally I run it for her. :)