Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Got There First, G- Dammit

I have another handle that I use sometimes, for non-JessaJune related stuff (computer game sites, mostly). When Gmail first betaed and I had invites to spare, I grabbed myself an account under that name, as well as this one. I don't check the actual mail very often, because I don't use it for any real correspondence - just for account creation and as a spam repository.

Well, the web teeneyboppers are catching up to me. In the last week, I've had THREE attempts of people trying to sign up for things like MySpace with MY EMAIL ADDRESS. (In the case of MySpace, I also saw 2 follow up emails of the aforementioned person trying to then change the email on their account. Which they can't because the confirmations go to ME.)

I was there first, bitches. Add some freakin' numbers or something and leave my email alone.

I do have to say, that is the beauty of the JessaJune handle, and why I will keep it forever. It's clearly me, and for whatever reason, no one else seems to think of it. Yay! Viva la JessaJune!

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Kevin Fox said...

I have (designer at gmail) and you can bet I have the same problem, several times a month...