Friday, July 27, 2007

HP Finished at Last

Not the scarf, unfortunately (I'm 2 stripes away), but the series. I finished reading it last night, several days behind most of my acquaintance.

I found this review to be a good one, and only somewhat spoilerish: Harry Potter's Last Adventure

It is most amusing for the following commentary on the Potterverse at large (not a spoiler at all, so read away):
"Must Rowling insist on making evil people short, fat or ugly, or all three? ... I know there are exceptions — Tom Riddle was once slitheringly handsome, before he lost his nose — but it's not an appealing trend. Short, fat, ugly people have enough problems without being evil, too."

I would make that last sentence a sig file if I thought I could get away with it.

I do have one spoiler-ish thing I want to say, so here it is (highlight to read):

Am I the only one who was somewhat disappointed with this book? It was... kinda clunky. And the pacing was uneven. I don't *think* this is the influence of the Potter Backlash talking... I just read some of it and was like, "huh? That makes no sense." I wasn't tearing through it at breakneck speed like many people, so maybe others just didn't notice. Or maybe I was being more critical about the last effort, as it was the end. But I don't think so.

Also, the epilogue was lame.

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